Principal’s Message

Photo of principal with new Chancellor, Superintendent, and Executive Superintendent
Hello 121 Families!
March is here!
In February, the DOE made a major announcement: anyone, regardless of vaccination status, will be allowed into NYC Public School Buildings.  This also means that parents are no longer required to show proof of vaccination at the security desk when they visit.
We know that many parents, especially parents of students in the younger grades, have never really had a chance to visit 121.  We plan on hosting several events in March and April to invite parents into the building to get a better idea of where kids are spending their days.
We will start with a “Breakfast with the Principal” event in our cafeteria on Friday, March 17 at 8:10am.  There will be food and coffee.  Parents will have a chance to hear a little about what is going on at 121 and have time to ask any school-related questions that are on their minds.   We also plan to host a series of school tours to allow groups of parents to walk around the building and see what days look like at PS/IS 121 
NYCSA Accounts
The DOE is moving away from paper and more toward “online” communication.  Lots of communication from both the DOE Central Offices and from PS/IS 121 will take place through the NYCSA account this year.  PLEASE make sure to check in with Ms. Ottombrino, our Parent Coordinator, if you have any issues accessing account.  
BLUE Card Reminder
Please add anyone who will be picking up your child to the child’s blue card!  
We hate to have to bother you about it, but making sure every child gets home safely at the end of each day is our #1 priority.