Principal’s Message

Photo of principal with new Chancellor, Superintendent, and Executive Superintendent
Welcome Back 121 Families,
We have had a really successful first week of school! It has been great getting to see a lot of familiar faces and getting to know our new students. We are looking forward to a more “normal” year with field trips, group work, and no social distancing! I have received a lot of questions about Covid.
Here are the major policy changes since last year:
 No more in-school testing. Students will receive 4 Covid Tests per month. If your child is a close contact of a person who tests positive for Covid outside of school, please let us know and we will get you additional at-home tests
 No more health screenings in the AM!
 We can take field trips!
 All adults who would like to enter the building must still show ID and proof of vaccination at the security desk
 PLEASE still report all positive tests at home to Ms. Giuliano and Mr. Haviland so we can follow up as necessary
NYCSA Accounts
The DOE is moving away from paper and more toward “online” communication. Lots of communication from both the DOE Central Offices and from PS/IS 121 will take place through the NYCSA account this year. PLEASE make sure to check in with Ms. Ottombrino, our Parent Coordinator, if you have any issues accessing account.