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Magnet Program at 121

PS/IS 121 is proud to be an NYC DOE Magnet School.
So... What is a different about a Magnet School?  Read more to find out:)
Like all NYC DOE Schools, students at Magnet Schools are held to the Common Core Learning Standards in all subjects.  You will still find art, science, music, technology, ELA, math, gym, social studies, and foreign languages at a Magnet School.  Magnet schools, however, also have a particular area of focus.  At PS/IS 121, that focus area is Applied Sciences.
Applied Sciences?  Ummm....
"Applied Science is the use of the scientific method and knowledge obtained via conclusions from the method to attain practical goals"

At 121, we use the scientific method to look at real-world problems by integrating Project-Based learning into our units of study across all grades.  Students analyze questions and problems and use their unique identities and points of view to create personal, practical solutions.  We have two dedicated science rooms, including a Middle School room that was recently completely renovated by City At Work!
Most elementary schools in New York City are "zoned."  This means that the students who live in a geographic area close to the school are given priority for admissions to that school.  Magnet Schools are a little different.  We accept students from our geographic zone, but we also accept a certain percentage of our students through magnet applications.  Students from anywhere in the city can fill out a magnet application (you can find the applications on this website) and be accepted to a Magnet School.  This means that if you live in Manhattan, Queens, or Staten Island but really want to attend 121, you can apply via the magnet application!