New to 121? Thinking about changing schools?

Hello!  This post is for anyone who has recently moved to the area or who might be considering changing their child's school.
First off - welcome!  PS/IS 121 is a pretty fabulous place, and we are excited to have you!  As a Magnet School, we are able to accept students from any neighborhood, so whether you live across the street or in another zone/district, 121 can work with you!
Next - the first few days of school are always a little crazy during registration.  We are happy to take you then, but if you know your child will be attending 121 in the September 2023 or would like more information about the school, please email me (Zak Haviland, principal) at [email protected] .   We should be able to get you set up with early registration (sometime during the week of 8/28).
Thank you!  We look forward to meeting you :)