NYC School Survey

Every year the Department of Education asks parents, students, and teachers to fill out the School Environmental Survey. The goal of this survey is to see if members of the community are happy with the educational experience at each school.  The results of this survey are very important to each school.  We hope that all families will fill out the survey to tell how you think we have been doing!  You can fill out the survey in 2 ways:  
•    The survey has already been sent to your NYCSA account.  This allows you to fill out the survey digitally
•    We will be sending home paper copies of the survey next week.  You can fill out the survey, seal it in the green envelope, and either mail it yourself or return it with your child to school (they are picked up from the school)
If you have any questions about the survey or need any assistance, please contact our parent coordinator, Ms. Ottombrino ([email protected])